Our Story

Pastel Coffee is an award-winning Specialist Coffee Consultancy and Wholesale Coffee Supplier located in Perth, Western Australia.

Our mission is to improve your quality of coffee experience, whether it is on a campsite, in the office, at home or purely beginning your barista journey. 

We all have a dream of pursuing the perfect work life balance. For Pastel Coffee, the medium that brings us this dream is the world of coffee. We wake up with a sense of excitement knowing that we will be a part of creating a designer drink to transform someone's day. The supplies we select and the beans we roast (100% Arabica only) form the backbone of the coffee we enjoy on a daily basis. 

On the darkest days, the spark of an alluring smooth latte or a creamy espresso can light the way out of the tunnel. This seemingly monotonous sepia coloured coffee bean, has a natural way to add brilliance to one coffee drinker at a time. This puzzling mystery has us refine our art of roasting... for this one potential.

We win awards too, so that what we can prove to you that the coffee we proudly create is recognised alongside those who continuously grow to perfect the art. 

Our primary vision is to give you a simple means of making YOUR OWN memorable cup daily. We specialise in coffee's that would make you crave for another cup. Our desire is to give you the catalyst to continually impress those who may see you as a novice and even to surprise yourselves. Before you know it, we would have brought you to new heights in the world of coffee.

SIMPLICITY and ENJOYMENT, is what we aim to deliver.

Is there more...

To Be Continued >>

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