Our Story

Pastel Coffee is an award-winning and Independent Coffee Roaster.

We are located in Perth, specialising in commercial Craft Coffee and Professional Roasting services.

We are passionate about roasting as well as brewing, our aim is to bring you a top-tier coffee experience. Have you experienced that wow feeling of an amazing coffee?
We do our best to bring you a great and memorable coffee experience.

Our take on the art of roasting, to bring out the desirable flavors and aromas of each coffee. We source high-quality raw coffee beans, and each region have their unique set of tastes due to environmental and farming practices. We account for as many factors as possible for roasting and brewing. In order to present to you top-tier coffee, we continuously do sample tastings and professional evaluations. Out of the many varieties of coffee beans we use only Arabica coffee. We believe Arabica coffee has great intensity of flavour and aroma.
This is our dedication to the art of roasting: We roast, brew and curate our coffees.

Kwanthar is the founder of Pastel Coffee, since 2019. He is dedicated to the art of roasting. He is a roasting specialist and a professional brewer, with a passion for latte art. At Pastel Coffee he works with many top tier professionals:

Suppliers who provide the exceptionally fresh Arabica coffee and grading.
Co-roasting specialists who professionally evaluate roasting and flavour.
Brewing partners who consistently help us translate the thrill of exceptional coffee, daily.
Technical experts who are able to work on top-tier machines and grinders.

When did you last have a great coffee experience?
Look for Pastel Coffee, an amazing coffee experience awaits.

Drop us a message at team@pastel.coffee to find out more about our coffees, or ask for a coffee sample!