What is our best milk coffee?

Our coffee blends are continuously taste tested on a Breville Barista Express with a variety of milks options, to know the coffees you'll experience will be consistent.

The Merlin Blend is a single origin Colombian coffee, which offers caramel like notes with milk, which is similar to many modern cafes in Melbourne.

The Smokey Mountain is strong balanced blend with a toasty rich smokey aftertaste which is its signature aroma. Enjoyed as a flat white, cappuccino or a long black.

The Chocolatey Carnival won its award for of its sweetness in milk, which the judges mentioned that it offered a tasting experience of sweet vanilla.

Lastly, Kopi Dark is our blend that emphasizes a traditional creamy crema and a bold intense flavour, with a mild dark cocoa bitterness. It is suited for customers who enjoy a coffee with sugar, syrups or affogatos. Also perfect for cream and sugary coffees.

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