What do we think about freezing coffee?

The major consideration for us is the coffee bean transition from an extreme temperature change from sub zero environment to room temperature. We think the ambient humity would result in condensation (sweat).
This effectively makes the coffee prematurely brew and create conditions for undesired outcomes such as molding.
Strategies to solve coffee aging other than consume large quatities quickly.
One way is to split the coffee into smaller bags for freezing and then when required to add an addional step for defrosting.
Defrosted the day before so that the temperature normalises at a slower pace and manages condensation better. Airtight containers could be ideal in this case as well.
There are other alternative defrosting methods. Generally we do think our coffees keep well in cool, dry and sealed conditions easily up to 1 month still having optimal flavours.
Perhaps offsetting with a brew method which we can post about at another stage.
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