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Pastel Coffee

Fresh Start - Kopi Dark

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  • Kopi Dark

    We hope that those who love traditionally bold and intense coffee to experience high levels of sweetness with punch roasted flavours, with a lasting finish resembling dark-chocolate.

  • What is the inspiration behind this blend?

    NEUTRALISE the inner zombie. This formulation includes a potent ingredient [1,3,7-trimethyl-1H-purine-2,6(3H,7H)-dione], a.k.a. caffeine for shots. Specially crafted for lattes mixed with 2 sugar serums. Effectiveness is increased when taken simply as a bold punchy black coffee. Craft roasted and freshly packed. Ready yourself for a reviving experience.


    Best suited for Espresso and Mokapot allowing the pressure to bring out the intensity of sweetness in this roast.

  • The Craft Coffee Experience

    We guarantee to provide you coffee that is freshly roasted and delivered fast.
    Our green beans on hand come from distinctly popular coffee regions, such as Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India and more.

    We will use green coffee beans that are in season to provide a great value coffee. To offer a special experience to you, we have a rotation of the coffee origins to allow you to taste a wide range of coffee.

    Whether you have just started the coffee journey or a seasoned expert, we offer this exclusive experience of enjoying artisanal coffees through roasting styles. With the ever growing Perth artisanal coffee culture, may our coffees allow you to join in our excitement and passion to keep drinking delicious coffee. 

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